Chicken Soup is apposite for a cold

Sleep is respectable for the Flu

When I get a causa of the Fears

What is a human to do?

It is not bacteria

Although it can eat away my soul

It is not a virus

Yet, it can living me from idea whole

I cognise what will do the trick,

What will put me pay for on top,

A tremendous big vessel of Ice Cream

Will genuinely hit the spot

That was severe and now I am done

One vessel meet won't do

If one is good, afterwards much is great

And now I have eaten two.

Bowls three, four, five and six

Came and afterwards they went

I reflect on my cause of the fears are fixed

Look at how my circumstance was spent

I am deed sleepy

It is example to go to bed

My fears are no longest in my stomach

Now they are in my head

I next my persuasion and I can see

The Fears I poorness to kill

I will do, some it takes

To living the monsters inert.

When I growth to accost the day

My fears are getting higher too

I cognise I have need of a chum spot on now

Whatever will I do?

I step into the kitchen

And Open the freezer door

I hold back myself and guess existing hard

I have been present erstwhile formerly.

I get hold of a form in my soothing chair

And realize over for the phone

What will I say, if you are there?

I can comprehend a face highness.

I get in all your numbers

You answer true away

You sit and listen, as I speak

You same I would be ok.

We say arrivederci and I instigation my day

I knew I had been wrong

I embark on to publication and after to pray

To bread and butter me foreboding beardown.

If you are like me afterwards you will see

That the fears, they travel and go

Be the creature you were intended to be

Let your vibrations spectacle.

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